Our programme

Our transformative programme adds value right across the food supply chain – for farmers, processors, retailers, and consumers. It delivers nutritious, sustainably produced milk and meat, whilst verifying the carbon balance of the farm producing it.


Meet climate


On-farm programme


Meet climate


Data enablement

Agrinewal establishes a Carbon Balance Sheet for every participating farm, enabling carbon neutrality and beyond. Our multi-pronged approach will help farmers improve their carbon balance whilst also improving farm performance, animal efficiency, soil health, water quality and biodiversity – all verified and backed by science. The data collected via our cloud-based platform will be the basis for verification, decision making and scalability.

The verification of the current and future performance of the farm is delivered through the Agrinewal Scorecard, monitoring overall farm performance to set out and track Agrinewal actions and impacts.

Are you interested in shaping the future of sustainable farming and food systems?

For more information on the Agrinewal programme and delivering carbon positive farming call us on NI +44 (0)28 9075 5566 or ROI +353 (0)46 900 7869 or email us at info@agrinewal.com

1. Measurements

Farm visit to 'Baseline' the business

New carbon measurements + Existing data on inputs & outputs

= Current balance of carbon

2. Recommended actions

Recommendations are agreed; 5-year plan with support

Example mitigation strategies:

+ Utilising more grass

+ Improving soil structure & health

+ Integrating multispecies swards

+ Nutrient management

3. Outcomes & evidence

Measure again and tell the story with evidence

Improved animal performance:

+ Improved health and fertility

Improved biodiversity:

+ Better soil biology & carbon

Improved soil health

+ +1.5-7 tons DM/ha grass utilised

Improving sward resilience

+ From reduced reliance on fertilizer (c. 25-40%)